7 Ways to Precycle, Upcycle, and DIY Your Way to (Almost) Never Recycling Again – Planet Green

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7 Ways to Precycle, Upcycle, and DIY Your Way to (Almost) Never Recycling Again – Planet Green.

Conventional green wisdom used to be that recycling was one of the best things you could do for the planet — you’d be keeping trash out of landfills, using items made from old materials, and trimming your waste all at once. But these days we know that recycling has its own footprint: It requires energy to breakdown and repurpose the original material, and the resulting product is often a blend of post-consumer and brand-new substances.

Learn ways to pre-cycle at the above link.

Planetgreen.com suggests:

1.  Buy in Bulk

2. Ditch disposables

3. Upcycle

4. Think Outside the Kitchen

5. Stop Getting Junk Mail

6. Read mags and newspapers online

7. Make Your Own

Environmental Defense Fund – Finding the Ways That Work

Environmental Defense Fund – Finding the Ways That Work.

Connect with this organization  through their homepage and also on:

Facebook – Connect with them through Facebook and get their posts in your news feed

Twitter – Connect with them through Twitter and stay updated

All Blogs and Social Media – This last link offers choices on RSS feeds, EDF Blogs on all their topics and more

They use four core strategies to get results.  Here are their strategies and links to more information:

1. Sound Science

2. Economic Incentives

3. Corporate Partnerships

4. Getting The Law Right

Donate or they have other ways that you can support their cause.

They have a 4 star rating by Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities.

Evaluation methodology

Using publicly available tax returns (IRS Form 990) filed with the Internal Revenue Service, and information posted by charities on their web sites, the Charity Navigator rating system bases its evaluations in two broad areas — financial health and accountability/transparency. Based on how the charity rates in each of the two areas, it is assigned an overall rating, ranging from zero to four stars. To help donors avoid becoming victims of mailing-list appeals, each assessment of a charity’s performance is accompanied by a review of its commitment to keeping donors’ personal information confidential.

Ram Trucks – Zac Brown Band – Letters for Lyrics

Ram Trucks – Zac Brown Band – Letters for Lyrics.

Write a letter to our soldiers.  Whether you are FOR war or AGAINST war does not matter.  These are human beings who are afraid and lonely, who miss their homes, their mamas, their wives, kids, and cat.  Make someone’s day by writing a personal heartfelt letter.  You don’t have to lie and say you are ok with war if you are not.  Many soldiers often have few options in life.  It is either working at a factory or joining the military.  This is not true for all of them, of course, but you get my point.

By writing a letter and bringing it to a Ram truck dealership you will receive a free CD of some band I never heard of.  But, don’t do it for the CD…do it because you are a good person.

I dedicate this to Robert Charles and my sister Jill Charles and their family!!!

Tell The EPA That You Support Reduction Of Air Pollution

Environmental Defense Fund:

Use this link to get to TAKE ACTION!!

Send an email to the EPA telling them that you support the “Transport Rule” proposal, which is will reduce sulfur dioxide pollution  and nitrogen oxide pollution and save our economy BILLIONS!

The EPA is in their final days of accepting public comments on whether or not to reduce harmful air pollution from America’s power plants.  The deadline is this FRIDAY.

These new standards would reduce tens of thousands of premature deaths every year, prevent 1.9 million sick days, and save our economy tens of billions of dollars.”

Sign the Petition: Constitutional Amendment to end Corporate Personhood – Sign the Petition | Change.org | CREDO Action | Change.org

“Corporations currently enjoy free speech rights as though they were people. They are not. They are fictional entities created by governments and money in order to generate profits. Since profit is their only motive their behavior is often against the interests of real human beings. They are tools that exist at our pleasure; not the other way around. They should not enjoy unregulated speech.”

via Constitutional Amendment to end Corporate Personhood – Sign the Petition | Change.org | CREDO Action | Change.org.