OH-NO-COSTCO – Wholesale Ocean Destruction

Atlantic cod fisheries have collapsed

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OH-NO-COSTCO – Wholesale Ocean Destruction.

As Costco grows bigger, so does their footprint on the environment.

Download the Activist Toolkit, it is a .pdf file.

“Just as our work has encouraged and illuminated progressive seafood retailers around the country, it has also exposed a group of laggards that continue to sell unsustainable seafood with impunity. These companies have yet to take any meaningful action to address the rampant environmental destruction caused by their seafood purchasing behavior. Within this category, one company in particular is wreaking havoc in our oceans on an unparalleled scale: Costco.”

“In any Costco warehouse you’ll find shelves and shelves full of red list seafood. Greenpeace surveys found that Costco continues to sell fifteen of the twenty-two red list species: Alaskan pollock, Atlantic cod, Atlantic salmon, Atlantic sea scallops, Chilean sea bass, grouper, monkfish, ocean quahog, orange roughy, red snapper, redfish, South Atlantic albacore tuna, swordfish, tropical shrimp, and yellowfin tuna.”

Included in the toolkit are colored cards that can be copied and handed out with information and some flyers and a lot f information.

What is “sustainable” seafood?
Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture operations are those which can be maintained indefinitely without reducing the targeted species’ ability to maintain its population at healthy levels, and without adversely impacting on other species within the ecosystem — including humans — by removing their food source, accidentally killing them, or damaging their physical environment.