Recycling Silica Gel Packs

Ok…so I’m refilling my pill tray (whole nother blogging session) and I had two of those silica gel thingies in 2 bottles. Silica sounded kind of toxic right? Can you even recycle these things and how would you? How would I know that they wouldn’t be passed over in the recycling bin or fall out? Can I even put them in the recycling bin?

In my search for answers the best I came up with, which was a pretty awesome suggestion, was to re-use the little suckers!

Some suggestions I saw included keeping old photos and keepsakes from getting moisture damage by placing them in a zip-lock bag with said photos or keepsakes. If you are a gardener they can be used for seed storage. I will have to update this if I can get more creative than what I found quickly in a five minute search.