How toothpaste is speeding up the spread of superbugs | Mail Online

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How toothpaste is speeding up the spread of superbugs | Mail Online.

Many companies are adding an antibacterial ingredient, this includes Colgates Total.

The issue of  the over-use of antibacterial products causing Antibiotic Resistance comes into play here.

I did not know that I was being slipped a danger cocktail every time I brushed my teeth.  I will certainly be reading up on ALL labels now.

The beauty care industry is reserved special trade secret rights to where many ingredients can be hidden behind VERY general categories so that they do not have to reveal their secret scent, or taste, etc.

It bothers me that I also found out a few years ago that the stuff put into toothpaste to whiten teeth can be hazardous to children and to adults if swallowed.

Keep up on reading your labels guys!!

What Is In A Flu Shot?

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Saw a post from a friend with a video on how the H1N1 shot will be combined with the regular flu shot.  So, if you want one yu have to have the other.  The video was a little sensationalized and when anyone requests to make something viral…I cringe.  Lol, viral that’s funny cause….never mind.  Here is the video, judge for yourself.  Below is a list of ingredients in the regular flu shot already with many known allergens.  Other link are included.

•Egg proteins: including avian contaminant viruses such as avian leucosis

• Gelatin: known to cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis – usually associated with sensitivity to egg or gelatin proteins

• Polysorbate 80 (Tween 80): can cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis

• Formaldehyde: known carcinogen

• Triton X100: a strong detergent

• Sucrose: table sugar

• Resin: known to cause allergic reactions

• Gentamycin: an antibiotic

• Thimerosal: 49.6 percent ethyl mercury (still in multidose vials)