ESF Joins Sustainability Rating System


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ESF Joins Sustainability Rating System.

This is my school, which I start again on Monday.  I am both excited and nervous.  I am proud that my school is incorporating what it teaches into the real world.  I think there is still so much more that we can be doing in our community.  It’s up to us, as students though, to figure out what those needs are.

I am taking the class, Global Environment and Human Evolution…again this semester because I let the stress get to me my first semester and never wrote a final paper.  I have been thinking all summer about what I want to do that paper on.  This website and some other nudges from higher places have been leading me in the a direction.

Why do people find it so hard to incorporate green living into their lives?  Is it laziness?  Do they just not know any better?  Is it economically feasible for them to do so?  I would also like to attack the stigma that you carry when you decide to live greener, which is that people think that you now think your shit don’t stink!