We Know What You Are Doing

I Know What You Did 5 Minutes Ago is a comedy routine by a man named Tom Scott based on the privacy settings people have (or lack thereof to be more exact) on their social networking sites.  You would be amazed at the information people make public: phone numbers, check-ins at their own home, whether they are currently home or not, mother’s maiden name, how much they hate their boss, etc.

This video was the inspiration for 18 year old Callum Haywood to start a website called We Know What You Are Doing, that queries Facebook’s Graph API and outputs the results.  The raw JSON output can be found here.


The lesson to be learned is simply know your own privacy settings.  Make sure everything is set to what you want.  Don’t make everything public.

Malicious, Spammy, Scamming, Likejacking or Just Downright Annoying Apps on Facebook

So…I’m sick of warning everyone individually about all the shitty, spammy, and annoying apps that are out there in Facebook World.  So I am going to start this guide.

If there is a Web of Trust warning there will be a photo of the Web of Trust Scorecard and a link to read the comments people left about why they gave it such a bad warning.

What is Web of Trust you ask??

Web of Trust is the leading website reputation rating tool and one of Mozilla’s most popular add-ons. Our safe surfing tool uses an intuitive traffic-light style rating system to help you see which websites are trusted when you search, surf and shop online.

WOT ratings are powered by a global community of millions of trustworthy users who have rated millions of websites based on their experiences. The WOT add-on provides reputation ratings to search results when you use Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Bing, Wikipedia and other popular sites, helping you protect your computer and personal information. Your online email account – Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail is also protected.

Here is the link to add it on to your Mozilla Firefox Browser:


If it has not been rated yet, or they have been tricky and are hiding under the general “facebook apps” links, I will just put a picture and a description as to the issue.


Friend Buzz is the general name that this app lies under.  What it looks like on your wall is this:

Here is another app from Friend Buzz with bad ratings:

The ratings for this are the worst in every category.  Here is the link to WOT:


So in general, just don’t add anything having to do with Friend Buzz.

Fun in Your Name – (Created Via-> Http://apps.facebook.com/fun)


About the Developer:  Senang Solutions specialized in Internet Social Networking Applications.

Developer Name:  http://www.senang-solutions.com

It is difficult to find a rating on Web of Trust.  Here is some info I found at this website:


“Do not install the following Facebook App: Fun in Your Name! by – Senang Solutions specialized in Internet Social Networking Applications.

This App is what you call Likejacking, a form of clickjacking, is a malicious technique of tricking users of a website into posting a Facebook status update for a site they did not intentionally mean to “like”.

Stay away from these kind of “like” comments or Apps, because the people behind it earns loads of money on you being stupid. In worst case you will end of with a Malware infected PC.”

More info about clickjacking:


Warning about Likejacking:


How to avoid Likejacking:



Friend Rank or 20 Top Friends

Also developed Top Loves and probably some others

Here are some photos of what they look like on your wall and requesting permission.  NOTE HOW MUCH INFO THEY WANT FOR SUCH AN INSIGNIFICANT APP!!!

Here is the Web of Trust Ranking for this developer in general:

Link to the rating:


Here is a link to this developer’s fucked up Privacy Policy:


Info on Stalker Apps –

These are the apps in which you are promised to be shown who looks at your profile the most. First of all, if you have clicked on these you are so gullible your mama should have just shoved you back in rather than expose the world to your stupidity. Here is a link for info about these:


Beware the following messages and/or wall postings from Facebook friends:

Example #1:

I’ve just seen who checks me out the most here on Facebook! You can see who stalks you too!


Example #2:

I just saw who STALKS me here on Facebook. You can see who creeps around your profile too!


Example #3:

I just saw who CREEPS around my pics the most here on Facebook. You can see who stalks you too!


These are all variants of the same scam. If you click on the link, you’re taken to a page that requests your permission to access private information. If you allow it to do so, the message immediately reposts itself on all your friends’ walls and you’re prompted to fill out a phony questionnaire.

What it won’t do is show you your Facebook “stalkers” or reveal the names of people who’ve visited your Facebook page or viewed your photos. The whole thing is a ruse to trick more people to installing the useless app and clicking through to survey pages.

Then there is the “Slap Myself in the Face for Being So Fucking Stupid” Link that people just have to see:

Girl Killed Herself After Father Posted On Her Wall

I will add more as I find them!! Feel free to pass this note around and tag your idiotic friends who need to see this cause they swear up and down the app is fine. Also, private message me any that YOU find that I have missed.

Update: Although this one is not new I just saw it on a friend’s page.

The Dislike Button

Here is a link with some information about this one:


Facebook Security and Information

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

The idea for this blog entry started this morning after 3 or 4 cups of coffee and 5 episodes of Futurama on Netflix.

I began by creating an event to let all of my friends know about a recent change on Facebook.  I started searching for other things about facebook that I might be unaware of.  I was partly motivated also by the staggering amount of spam and malicious apps and links being posted to my page by friends who are sometimes completely unaware of the posts or unaware that the posts have malicious links.

Here are some things I found:

1.  I Can’t See All My Friends’ Posts

Have you noticed that you are only seeing certain people’s statuses over and over again? I looked this up myself guys so it is not a spam or malicious.

1. At the top of your Homepage (not your profile, your Home Page) it says “Top News” and “Most Recent”.

2. Click on the small arrow (triangle facing down) next to “Most Recent”.

3. Go down to “Edit Options” at the bottom and click on it.

4. A box will pop-up saying “Edit News Feed Settings”

5. The first thing says “Show Posts From:”

6. You can choose either “Friends and Pages You Interact With Most” (if you have commented on, left a message for, wrote on someone’s wall they will show up in your feed, but everyone else will be excluded) or you can choose “All of Your Friends and Pages”.

7. You can also view and change whose (People and Pages and Apps) posts you have previously chose to ignore.

8. By clicking on the arrow you can also choose to only see Game posts, Photos, Statuses, etc.

2.  Check Facebook Privacy with Online Tools

This information comes from: Melvins Inquisitive Mind

Privacy Check – http://www.rabidgremlin.com/fbprivacy/ 

Privacy Check is a nifty app that evaluates your privacy settings and gives you a score out of 21. The details of the score reveal which objects of your Facebook account are publicly accessible.

Privacy Defender – http://apps.facebook.com/privacydefender/

PrivacyDefender is a Facebook application that evaluates your Facebook privacy settings. You need to drag its bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. When you access your Facebook account, click this bookmarklet to evaluate your settings and view which information is viewable by whom.

ReclaimPrivacy – http://www.reclaimprivacy.org/

ReclaimPrivacy is another tool that works similar to PrivacyDefender. You get a bookmarklet which you need to click once you are on your Facebook’s privacy settings page. You privacy settings are evaluated and shown to you.

Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker – http://zesty.ca/facebook/

Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker is a useful tool which takes in your Facebook username. It then displays a comprehensive list of all your Facebook content that is set to public.

Save Face – http://www3.untangle.com/saveface

SaveFace is a simple bookmarklet that evaluates your privacy settings. Unlike the tools mentioned above, it can even restore your settings to friends only. Here is how you use SaveFace:

  1. Drag the SaveFace bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.
  2. You need to enter your privacy settings, and click on the SaveFace bookmarklet. Your settings will then be reset to “friends only.” This means that only your Facebook friends will be able to view your Facebook contact information, search settings, friends, tags and connections, personal information and posts. SaveFace’s script will take a little time to run, so you will have to be patient.
  3. Once the process is through, you can use anyone of the above mentioned tools to verify that your data is set to “friends only.”

3.  One Time Passwords

Facebook is launching one-time passwords to make it safer to use public computers in places like hotels, cafes or airports. If you have any concerns about security of the computer you’re using while accessing Facebook, Facebook can text you a one-time password to use instead of your regular password.

Simply text “otp” to 32665 on your mobile phone, and you’ll immediately receive a password that can be used only once and expires in 20 minutes. In order to access this feature, you’ll need a mobile phone number in your account. We’re rolling this out gradually, and it should be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

4.  Remote Sign Out and Account Settings

The ability to sign out of Facebook remotely is now available to everyone just like what GMail had introduced a while ago. These session controls can be useful if you log into Facebook from a friend’s phone or computer and then forget to sign out. From your Account Settings, you can check if you’re still logged in on other devices and remotely log out.

Under the Account Security section of your Account Settings page you’ll see all of your active sessions, along with information about each session. In the unlikely event that someone accesses your account without your permission, you can also shut down the unauthorized login before resetting your password and taking other steps to secure your account and computer.

When people log in to Facebook, the system will regularly prompt them to keep their security information updated. If you ever lose access to your account, having this information helps Facebook verify who you are and get you back into your account quickly.

I highly recommend the last two steps to be able to keep your account safe at all times.

Looks like Facebook is reacting that we want more control over what we share on Facebook—to manage exactly who sees it and to understand exactly where it goes. But is it going to be enough, all over the internet people are talking about the demise of Facebook but Facebook seems to be appearing in more websites, blogs and journals as the login method or the like button. We need to see how things are going to work out in the next year for Facebook.

Facebook | To Write Love On Her Arms Day: Event

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

To Write Love On Her Arms Day is a day where anyone can write the words love on their arms, to support those who are fighting against depression and those who are trying to recovering. On this day, just write love on your arms, and show it off, other people will ask why you have love written on your arms, and you tell them you are supporting to write love on her arms day, and how its benefiting a non profit organization helping stop depression, and make love the movement ♥

on November 12-13th write love on yours arms, and upload pictures here to show your support

via Facebook | To Write Love On Her Arms Day.

Environmental Defense Fund – Finding the Ways That Work

Environmental Defense Fund – Finding the Ways That Work.

Connect with this organization  through their homepage and also on:

Facebook – Connect with them through Facebook and get their posts in your news feed

Twitter – Connect with them through Twitter and stay updated

All Blogs and Social Media – This last link offers choices on RSS feeds, EDF Blogs on all their topics and more

They use four core strategies to get results.  Here are their strategies and links to more information:

1. Sound Science

2. Economic Incentives

3. Corporate Partnerships

4. Getting The Law Right

Donate or they have other ways that you can support their cause.

They have a 4 star rating by Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities.

Evaluation methodology

Using publicly available tax returns (IRS Form 990) filed with the Internal Revenue Service, and information posted by charities on their web sites, the Charity Navigator rating system bases its evaluations in two broad areas — financial health and accountability/transparency. Based on how the charity rates in each of the two areas, it is assigned an overall rating, ranging from zero to four stars. To help donors avoid becoming victims of mailing-list appeals, each assessment of a charity’s performance is accompanied by a review of its commitment to keeping donors’ personal information confidential.

Twitter, Facebook, and social activism : The New Yorker


Free twitter badge

Image via Wikipedia


Twitter, Facebook, and social activism : The New Yorker.

This is an article written by Malcolm Gladwell of The New Yorker called, “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted”.  This is interesting because I have often thought, as I shared something on my Facebook or even through this blog, of how diluted  individual causes and passions have become on the net.  It is very hard to sift through EVERY cause that EVERY friend is concerned with.  We spread ourselves too thin because signing that petition is one click away.  I don’t even remember all the petitions I signed.  I meant it at the moment though.  Give this article a read and leave some comments, opinions, or thoughts!!