Coming Back

SO hey guys.  This last 2 years have been crazy.  I have had 2 daughters, needed major neck surgery that I am still waiting for a date on, I bought a house, etc.  I apologize for slacking on this blog, which is something I promised myself I would never do.  Life had other plans.  I am hoping at this point to be able to pick back up where we were and move on.  Image

We Know What You Are Doing

I Know What You Did 5 Minutes Ago is a comedy routine by a man named Tom Scott based on the privacy settings people have (or lack thereof to be more exact) on their social networking sites.  You would be amazed at the information people make public: phone numbers, check-ins at their own home, whether they are currently home or not, mother’s maiden name, how much they hate their boss, etc.

This video was the inspiration for 18 year old Callum Haywood to start a website called We Know What You Are Doing, that queries Facebook’s Graph API and outputs the results.  The raw JSON output can be found here.


The lesson to be learned is simply know your own privacy settings.  Make sure everything is set to what you want.  Don’t make everything public.

US Researchers Fight to Reclaim Climate Science Message |

Per capita anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissi...

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The American Geophysical Union, the leading climate science organization, is due to launch a new web service offering journalists accurate scientific information about climate change. The AGU is also working on an iPhone app.

Those involved deny a political agenda.  The web service will address scientific questions only.

“Our goal is not to become partisan. But if we are going to respond to denialists’ claims which are unfounded in science then perhaps we are going to be viewed as going toe-to-toe with critics,” said John Abraham of St. Thomas University of Minnesota.

It is intended to run for 3 months using appx. 700 volunteers.

Progress for climate change took a hard hit during these elections and the science and politics are bound to intertwine.

A majority of the Republican newcomers deny the existence of man-made climate change or oppose regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, according to an analysis by Think Progress.

Cotton. From Blue to

Cotton. From Blue to


1. Cottonseed is planted from early February to mid-May and the matured fluffy, white bolls are harvested from September through December

2. Spinning mills purchase bales of cotton then blend, clean and straighten cotton fibers into a continuous strand called sliver, which goes through additional processes prior to spinning.

3. The spinning process reduces the sliver’s weight and inserts twist in order to  produce a yarn, which is then packaged and ready for the weaving mill.

4. Yarns are combined to form a continuous “rope” and many ropes are fed into multiple indigo dyeing baths.

5. Once dried, ropes are separated into individual yarns, wound onto sheet-like beams and mounted on a loom for weaving.

6. Large rolls of finished denim fabric are shipped to the garment manufacturer and assorted denim garments are created for sale at retail. When ready to add the newest denim styles to a wardrobe, old denim can be recycled and put to good use.

7. The first step in turning an old pair of jeans or any denim garment into natural cotton fiber insulation is to remove zippers, buttons, hardware, and embellishments.

8. The denim is then returned to its natural, original fiber state, cotton, preparing it for manufacturing.

9. The reprocessed fiber is treated with a borate solution for fire retardency and mold/mildew resistance. Borate has a lower toxicity than table salt, making it safe for people and their environment. The manufacturing process for creating UltraTouch™ Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation is now underway.

10. Sheets of insulation are cut to size and prepared for packaging to be shipped and installed for use in residential homes and commercial buildings across the country.

Many colleges and universities have decided to cooperate with Cotton From Blue To Green by having donation events.  My school, SUNY ESF, will be hosting such an event on October 29th.  This will take place on the quad and is called “Drop Your Jeans”.  They will be taking donations and snapping photos of you “dropping your jeans” so you can share them on Facebook!!!