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"Welcome home" and "We love you...

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10/10/10 Update:

Here is the direct link to my photo of the Rainbow Gathering in the Allegheny National Forest.

Photo Name: Prayer Circle


Share the Experience™ photo contest.

I entered a photo here of the Allegheny National Forest near Sheffield, PA.  It was at the center of the Prayer Circle on the 4th of July at the 2010 National Rainbow Gathering.  After it has been reviewed and posted as an entry I will attach a link for anyone willing to comment or vote.


So Then Don’t Put Up The Picture!!!!

Saw this in Ithaca, NY at Sammy’s Pizza in the Commons…I swore I had just seen George Dubya Jr. out of the corner of my eye. If you have people commenting on a Conservative-looking photo in a Liberal-majority neighborhood…people are gonna think you are trying to say something with it!!
The note on it is hilarious!