Never Say Never (Green Heating? – Not So Impossible After All) –

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Green Heating? Not So Impossible After All –

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Kristianstad, a farming and food-processing powerhouse in southern Sweden has effectively been able to do business while no longer using fossil fuels for heating!

Over the last decade the Kristianstad government has been making the move from mostly oil heating to various green fuels like biomassfood processing waste, and wood pellets.

When some environmental policy experts suggest that countries should cut emissions by, say, 20 or 30 percent by 2020; the naysayers come out and it becomes easier to believe this is impossible for fear of change or whatever your personal beliefs are.  There are methods for drastically reducing emissions, but they come with an economic cost, in the short term, and requires political commitment.

“Having cut out fossil fuel for heating, Kristianstad’s per-capita carbon dioxide emissions are now only about 4.1 tons per person. Compare that to 19.18 in the United States and 4.91 in China, a far less developed country than Sweden.”

Kristianstad is a regular, bustling, and rural city.  They are not some “green” project or utopia.  As a  matter of fact, many cities in Europe are figuring how to make do with using much less fossil fuels for heat.

Why would this be impossible in the United States?  It’s not!


    • That is a wonderful idea. I bought a house last year that is over 100 years old and the heating efficiency is low. The cooling issue is even worse. I have a few windows that don’t open, they are really big and painted shut and really old style glass. I have some “black-out” curtains, but I am going to look into tinting them.

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