Happy 50th Anniversary to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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Alaska Wilderness League

The holidays are here and Alaska Wilderness League is celebrating. Monday, December 6, 2010 is the 50th Anniversary of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! This special day presents a monumental opportunity: After 50 years, America’s last, vast wilderness deserves protection! Thanks to League supporters around the country, our movement is picking up steam. Read on!

Matt Reading
Online Communications Director

Featured Campaign

Keeping It Wild!

Featured CampaignOur unprecedented online campaign, “Keeping It Wild!,” has already been a huge success. League supporters like you have flooded the White House with nearly 100,000 emails and phone calls urging the president to protect the Refuge as our newest National Monument. Our passion has also inspired dozens of senators and members of Congress and hundreds of businesses and faith groups to send letters of their own. The Los Angeles Times

recently summarized the situation this way:”Right about now in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, dozens of pregnant female polar bears are preparing to give birth in dens they dug into the snowdrifts last month, unaware that the fate of their home, and possibly their species, hinges on the price of gasoline. The Obama administration can and should change that.

The only way we will win the fight to protect the Arctic Refuge for good is for caring people like you to act. Help us spread the word about the fantastic triumph of 50 years of the Arctic Refuge and the need for its protection.

Click here to submit a letter to the editors of your local news media.

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