Repower America | The Snake Oil Awards

Repower America | The Snake Oil Awards.

Nominate a company for being the dirtiest opponent of clean energy.


From the website:

“From Deepwater Oil to Upper Big Branch, 2010 has been a year of environmental disasters. But the big oil and coal companies aren’t backing down. Shadowy front groups funded by fossil fuel companies and their allies are spending tens of millions of dollars to flood the airwaves with advertising to mislead the public about our overreliance on fossil fuels.

Repower America has had enough, so we’re going to expose the polluters and for exactly what they are: Snake Oil Salesmen. On November 9, we’re giving out the first annual Snake Oil Awards — and we need your help to decide who is the worst of the worst.

First, we need you to help us pick the top four nominees – think BP, Koch Industries, Massey Energy, and other dirty polluters. Then, on November 1, we’ll present the nominees to our members for a week of voting.”


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