Facebook | Driving for a Low-Carbon Future?

Audi A3

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On Monday October 18th, two 2010 models for Green Car of the Year will take off for a 1,000 mile tour along the length of California!

They are both 2010 Audi A3 TDI models.  They will be running on the bio diesel called RenDiesel produced by Rentech.  These cars get 42 mpg on the highway.

“When compared to traditional petroleum-derived low sulfur diesel, tailpipe emissions from RenDiesel generate lower amounts of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides (NOX), sulfur oxides (SOX) and carbon dioxide. Also, when compared to traditional diesel fuels, RenDiesel has a higher hydrogen content, heating value and cetane index, making it very energy efficient. RenDiesel also has excellent storage stability making it an ideal fuel for back-up power generators.”

–above from rentechinc.com

There will then be a panel discussion at Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A.  A group of people from RenTech, Audi, the Argonne National Laboratory, and Green Car Journal will be discussing the future of bio diesel.

Facebook | Driving for a Low-Carbon Future?.

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