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I am watching the 2008 made-for-tv movie called Recount, which has an all-star cast. I rented it thinking it was a documentary. This is not a film review but I enjoyed it! Anyways. I was surprised to find (and researched it because you can’t always trust Hollywood to get it right) that one of the sticking points about whether to do a hand recount was the interpretation of “error in tabulation” under Florida state voting laws. In the movie, each side claims different interpretations of this vague phrase. The character Dennis Leary plays, Michael Whouley, finds a law passed in 1997 in Texas pertaining to voting laws, that prefers a hand-count to a machine count in the case of an error. I was intrigued…and so I researched.

Of course, it is difficult to find if you are searching the most obvious channels online. I had to try quite a few different variations on words and phrases. But, here it is!

House Bill 331
I found it amended under section 65(d). section 65(c) is the version removed to be replaced by section 65(d) into Section 212.005, Election Code:

41-13 (d) If different counting methods are chosen under Section

41-14 214.042(a) among multiple requests for a recount of electronic

41-15 voting system results, only one method may be used in the recount.

41-16 A manual recount shall be conducted in preference to an electronic

41-17 recount and an electronic recount using a corrected program shall

41-18 be conducted in preference to an electronic recount using the same

41-19 program as the original count.

I found this interesting because I didn’t know this. I was 19 in 2000 and clueless about almost anything politically meaningful.


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