Hello world!

So, I have been gaining more and more interest in topics like activism and environmental science and studies.  There is so much information available it sometimes is overwhelming.  I go to school at SUNY ESF (SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry).  I major in Conservation Biology.  I am a member of the Rainbow Family (no, not as in that Rainbow–look it up if you are not sure what that means)!  That’s actually why I am starting this blog and why I have named it F33DyourHead.  Those that have known me for a long time understand why I chose this name.  This includes the concept of educating YOURSELF!!  If you don’t agree with the things I post, back it up with evidence or reference!!  I have always dug into anything I have become curious about.  I take out books from the library, ask questions, find information on the web.  I could say all the things I want to say like, “Hey world wake up!!” or “Do your part!”, but personal experience has shown that whatever we (we = anyone who is trying to change or change the world in whatever way) have been doing, is not enough.  So instead, I’m going to back this up by not spewing out the side of my mouth about things that I have no idea about.  Call me on it if I do!!  Welcome to F33DyourHEAD…..now do just that!

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